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About Auto Lab

Auto Lab is a powerful and versatile car configurator with multi-level capabilities, and a wide range of options, such as color, trim, wheels, and accessories. The configurator is also supported by a comprehensive content management system (CMS). Auto Lab is offered as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, providing customers with flexible and convenient access to the configurator and CMS. Whether you're an individual looking to design your dream car, or a business looking for a powerful tool to showcase your vehicle offerings, Auto Lab is the perfect solution.


Virtual Walkthrough

User can easily move around the car and the into the showroom

Vehicle Configuration

Configure different parts of any vehicle such as headlights, steering, brakes, alloy, rims etc.

Color/Material Selection

user can select color/material of any vehicle or any individual part.

Social Share

User can take picture and easily share in favorite social media.

Live Sales Meeting

user can directly communicate with sales advocate through video or audio call

RFQ Submission

Send quotation to the customer in just one minute


Project Demo



Development: Phase 01

3 Month

Milestone 01

  • 3D Configuration
  • 01 Car & Environment Development
  • Props Development
3 Month

Milestone 2

  • CMS and Analytics Integration
  • SaaS System Integration¬†
  • More Car, Environment and Props Development
2 Month

Milestone 3

  • CRM integration
  • Pixel Streaming Integration
  • UAT





Mobile and Tablets

Value Proposition

Cost-effective solution

Quick development and deployment

Flexible with customize requirements

Easy to use

Scalable solution

Better Customer Insight

Let's Build The Metaverse